Monday, 22 June 2009

Photographer: Rachel Whiting

Rachel is freelance photographer, she attended Brighton University graduating in 2001 with a BA in Editorial Photography. She currently specializes in still life and interiors and has in her portfolio clients such as LivingEtc and Ideal Home in the UK.

The interior images on her website are truly inspiring. See more on Rachel's website.

Oh books... How great they look when organized and stored on white shelves...

Perfume bottles look naturally good on a white wall. The detail of the colours of the painting matching the bottles is quite yummy:)

Simple, white and fresh. Pink, green and blue always do well together. The chandeliers are an original chic touch.

What a great way to storage office clutter. Unfortunately it doesn't work that well if you have a dusty house (=nightmare). Believe me, I KNOW:P

(Photos via Rachel Whiting - click on the pictures to go to her site)

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