Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Translucid Kitchen

I think it is possible to tone down the kitchen clutter without making it look like a boring kitchen catalogue.I like these kitchen cabinets and believe they are from Ikea. It seems they just attached 4 of them on top. The floor cabinet though, I'm not sure, because it seems part of the same kitchen line, but I never saw one with those dimensions.
I think this is the cabinet and these are the drawers. Both from Ikea, (ATTITYD):

Would you use these on your kitchen?

(Photos via Marie Claire Maison and Ikea)

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  1. the idea of this kitchen is so good. it`s really perfect for people like me...i love the colors of all the boxes and bottles, which are finding places in the kitchen, but if they are exhibited it will become too ornate and that`s why this glass is excatly what i should have :))) thank you for posting about such an useful things! and inspiring too!


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