Wednesday, 24 June 2009


In this Melbourne home you find the opposite of pretentious decoration. Keep it simple can be the right way to do it. Well, that's no right or wrong in my opinion but if you just can't manage a more posh look this is a good example to follow. This hallway has clutter but it's still fresh or just ENOUGH (this word is kind of ugly on caps).

The vintage vibe and the little collections make me think this is a house where visitors must feel comfortable and welcome. It's genuine and easy-going (I know this could be staged but it isn't and if it was that would be a great example of stage decoration) and probably truly reflect the owners personalities and life.

(Photos via The Design Files)


  1. very comfortable home i like it!....about Sims3 i don`t know what it is but it remind me of a game. So what it is :D :D

  2. I have just flicked through all your posts.... I have much the same interests & style preferences as you! =) This home looks gorgeous & eclectic & slightly messy & just perfect!

    Bambola x


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