Friday, 10 July 2009


It's real! I'm at Kensington:D

I almost didn't sleep yesterday but things worked out pretty well:)
Easy to go to the plain, great flight (quite boring actually, I was hopping for some excitement, maybe a little turbulence:P) and company. I met a British lady who kind of showed me the way 'till Heathrow.

Easy to get to the Hostel, nice people there and it feels like a safe place. Oh and there's a party tonight:P

I already went to Kensington garden and to the Natural history Museum but that's too big to see in one day, I must go back there later.

So far, so good. I'm just a little worried about getting hit by a car because I'm a bit well, distracted:P

No photos because I'm stealing internet from someone and that means week net, falling repeatedly so...

By the way, the houses around Kensington are so great! The doors and the flowered windows are totally yummi:)(edit: I managed to get a photo here;)


  1. I`m unpationed to tell me more :))) You seems quite excited and thats cool! i almost felt like i`m there ::D :D :))

  2. Glad to hear your flight was good! The National History museum is really great - I was surprised how great for the kids everything was made and explained:)

    I was kind of surprised how big London is, I was expecting the different places I wanted to visit to be closer to one another and to see them without using any transport, but absolutely no chance! :)

    oh, and if you have time you should totally consider visiting Cambridge - it is about 40 minutes away from London and there is a direct train. It is totally worth it - absolute paradise! I have shared some pictures from my visit there on my blog, don't know if you've seen them:

    Can't wait to see more pictures! Have fun at the party and remember - Look right when crossing the street, lol



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