Saturday, 4 July 2009

Pallet daybed

If you are a decor8 reader you probably saw these images there. But I posted them because I also wanted to share another version of a pallet daybed that I found months ago also in decor8 and made by Pia Jane Bijerk.
It's a really good idea. And not an expensive one too.

Do you like it? Imagine having a daybed like this?


  1. I love it!! I like the contrast between the fancy apartment and these pallets :)

  2. I was suppose to make on of these for our last studio ...but plans changed we moved.....:D

    So simple and stunning!

    Oh and regarding the course. Thanks for the congrats :D even though you said more of a yupii :P The course is more of a foundation, basic course in graphic communication. There are 3 different courses where you study indesign,illustrator, and photoshop in project based executions. Also picture (this I need to study a lot :P) and hmmmm I think that was it.

    /Anna Caroline

  3. I liked it, you can find more Daybeds from spacify.

  4. i LOVE this idea... When I have my own place - it will contain a bed like this!


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