Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Love and other disasters

Not about the film with the same tittle, no.
I have not written that much in the last days and I'm doing it now probably because I'm suffering from lack of sleep, or better, I should be sleeping but my sleep hours are so messed up I decide just not to sleep and see how it goes. (Yeah, I'll be cranky later: P)London was awesome and the music festival was really really good (it gets better every year).I can't really complaint about my summer. Adding to that I had a really small internship that didn't worked that well, but the few days I got to work were pretty good in terms of opening my eyes to some issues about the interior design industry and I was also able to get to know really cool brands which existence I totally ignored.

Now I'm looking for another internship and not sure if I'm also going back to college to end my degree (not really into it). I need to get my car license and earn some money. Travelling is on my list and going back to London too.
My love life could be better or at least defined but in the end I have great people around me and oh well, the recent acquaintances fit the description. I'm patient and let me tell you a great catch hahaha so I believe everything will find its place: )

I'm finally solving some interior design issues in my attic because now I have the time which feels really good. It's so frustrating when your place doesn't feel inviting but you don't have the time or the right state of mind (or money) to start changing things. Now it's on its way:)

This is my life now.
My blog is not a diary but somehow you kind of get a connection with the readers and with some real thoughts it seems to be that the blog is less mechanic and cold and more inviting and nice to you dear readers.


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