Thursday, 10 September 2009

"My secret to a happy marriage"

Pancakes for breakfast are the secret to a happy marriage. (Pancakes for breakfast are the secret to a happy anything actually.)

My husband and I make pancakes for breakfast on the weekend at least once a fortnight. First, they're delicious and sharing something delicious makes people happy. Second, once you've covered them in maple syrup and blueberries and occasionally ice cream, they feel kind of naughty, and when you each feel like a 7-year-old who is doing something that they really hope the adults don't find out about, that too is good stuff. But mostly it's the simple fact that you can't rush a pancake; pancakes take time, and time spent together is of course the ultimate secret to a happy marriage.

From Cup of Jo, written by Cara from Peonies and Polaroids
Image via ffffound

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