Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Worlds within worlds

Sometimes we think we know but we really have no idea. Each one of us has a different story, there are worlds inside any single person and we are arrogant to think we figure it out. Some worlds are more simple than others but we never really know, do we?

Complicate or don't complicate is the question. But normally we don't have a choice. Respect the differences even when you don't understand others interior worlds.

Some people are open books, others behave like impenetrable walls, but either way don't assume you know what's going on. If you need answers just ask. Sometimes we don't because we are afraid of the answers we might get but that's it or staying in the dark with all the pain that may bring.Though, if you don't like the answer or if you just don't understand it don't hang on to it like that's an excuse to stay and ask for more while trying to hear what you want. Those magical answers or words may never come and you should not relay on somebody else to have peace of mind or happiness.


Photo via Dash Of Power

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