Monday, 26 October 2009

Attic bathroom

Wood in bathrooms when treated to be resistant to water and humidities give a natural and comfortable feeling to such a cold room. Normally you have mosaics everywhere and while they are practical and durable, they can be tacky, cold and unpleasant to the the touch and to the eyes.
Natural light is a bonus not available to every bathroom, but if you're thinking of buying or renting a house don't understimate the power of natural light because everything looks and feels better when you have the sun coming in and it is also better to control humidity in the bathroom.
The mirror and the floating sink really take advantage of the space limitations adding an airy and open feeling to the bathroom. On the otrher hand dust can find it's way under the sink cabinet:/

Do you like your bathroom? what would you change if you could?

Images from Bobedre

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