Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Billy's birthday

Who? No, not your friend or someone you know. It's "what". If I say IKEA do you get it? No? Oh man, The BILLY IKEA bookcases! Yes! Everybody has one of those or have seen one in someone's house. It's a classic and it turned 30 years old this year. It's seems 42 million BILLY bookshelves were sold until today.Now you can have your BILLY book with the story of this bookcase trough the years and in it you can also see not only what have changed but how people have customised it in their own houses.Gillis Lundgren was the designer that created BILLY in 1979 and at back then he couldn't imagine that his creation would be the bestselling single piece of MDF furniture in the world. Impressive!This particular bookcase is not the most resistant one, I know, but it's a basic, a classic and if you're not sure of what to get or you're not ready to compromise with a boocase system I believe BILLY system is a good way to start.

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  1. I'd love to have it on my entire wall! I am actually looking for something like this, simple and basic but I think it will be best if I get it custom made, at least it will be cheaper.. There aren't many options here and no IKEA unfortunately :(


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