Sunday, 18 October 2009

Funny calendar

Etsy is a big big creative world and the phenomenon of "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters a success, and sometimes there's someone who just gives a twist to it and creates something new and funny. Oh I like these a lot:)The whole list of sentences:
January: Keep Warm and Get it On
February: Play Guitar and Look Sensitive
March: Remove Shirt and Pretend It's Warm
April: Drive Fast and Hydroplane
May: Buy Flowers and Sell Hard
June: Pump Fist and Drink Beer
July: Fire Up and Sear Meat
August: Shave Chest and Suck in Gut
September: Watch Replay and Curse Interception
October: Carve Pumpkins and Scare Children
November: Eat Turkey and Fall Asleep
December: Say Thanks and Exchange for Porn

This comes as a PDF file you can print. Buy it here at little brown pen etsy store, ($5,00).

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