Sunday, 4 October 2009

LivingEtc November

Hello to all of you:)

I've been away for many reasons, but the main one was a throat infection and I'm still receiving penicillin injections for it:/ Not good oh no and I'm craving so much food right now, you have no idea!=D
But I'm still around and I'll get better:)

Today I want to share something I see every month which is the digital and smaller edition of the interior design magazine, Living Etc. I normally give it a look here before buying it or just satiate my curiosity if I just can't buy it.

Go here to see the November number and flip the pages:) Hope you like it:)*


  1. Oh, dear, I hope you get better soon! It is such a pain in the ass (literally) to get these injections. Hope the rainy weather doesn't make you even sicker.
    By the way, I got a pair of rain boots too! I've wanted to have one for quite some time and I finally got to buy them :) Yay!

    have a great day, dear! xo

  2. Hi, Sofia! it's so bad that thing with the injections. my sister also have to take 3 times per day for 1 week and it was horrible only to look at. I hope you are better now and in the next at least 1 year to not have any problems! :)
    i love magazines for home but sometimes they are all about the advestising of some stuff and that makes me mad to buy them:) have a good day and Smilee! :)


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