Saturday, 24 October 2009

Masculine apartment

"This apartment is situated in the old city of Ghent, in an old mansion. When the owner wanted to rent the apartment, the proprietor was busy renovating. The owner was fortunate enough to decide with him what the space would look like. For instance, he detest doors, so there are none in the apartment. Very little has been done about architecture here, the decoration is based on the positioning of some very fine furniture."Black furniture and brown leather give a masculine and sober mood to this apartment. The metal and the wood balance the cold atmosphere that a lofty apartment may transmit.
Hidden storage helps to maintain the clean and organized look of the room and the fact that there are no handles on the kitchen cabinets is another way to accentuate the clean effect.

The old ethnic rug with the mismatch chairs and some open storage are interesting ways to brake the cold feeling of a loft avoiding the minimalist decorative style.
Art on the walls makes the space more personal and is this case, since it's a guy's bedroom it makes sense and it is coherent with the rest of the apartment decoration.

Initial text and images from OWI (click to see more images from this apartment)

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