Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Original floor

Painted floors can add interest and originality to a room, you can also make a room look bigger, smaller, cosier or even give a new life to it instead of changing the old floor into a new one.
Through Apartment Therapy I found this amazing parquet floor. I wouldn't have it in my house but with more neutral tones or different patterns it could be really interesting and fitted to a "normal" house.These images are from an instalation called "Wall to wall" from Established and Sons. Info and images from designllama:
"Wall to Wall by Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer is a parquet flooring installation.
They have investigated the connection between flooring and textiles with their design comparable to a tightly woven knitted garment .By developing the notion of a textile rug being an intrinsic partner with flooring materials ,the designers have combined two conventional surfaces , top create a visually dynamic finish reminiscent of traditional textile patterns used worldwide".Would you do something similar in your house if you could?

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