Saturday, 7 November 2009

Clothing brands expand to home ware

Clothing brands are moving fast to a new market, the home ware. Now not only you can have your style of a certain clothing brand but you can also dress your home accordingly. In reality this is great for consumers. The more choice there is, the better. In terms of prices, the more cheaper and creative options we have, more solutions we can find that won't empty our pockets.

Some examples are Zara Home, H&M Home and now Diesel too, just to name the ones that pop at my head.Even high end fashion stylists see the advantages of creating lines of towels, fabrics, furniture, you name it. I'm not a fan when the looks clearly overwhelm the function but if there are consumers for it I guess there's a reason for those objects to be made.

Diesel got together with Foscarini, an Italian brand of lighting design and made these gorgeous cage lamps. They are truly stunning!
Images via Apartment Therapy

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