Friday, 6 November 2009

10 tips to have a better wardrobe area

Girls like to dress up and if you have the budget to follow your consumer instinct then you need a space like this. Well, maybe you don't NEED it, but you wish you could afford one, I bet:P

How can you have a closet or lets say it a "Kind of" type of closet? Most of us have just bedrooms, but with some nice touches and changes you can transform the dressing up area into a more interesting and nice space oh with some feminine glamour perhaps!

1. Use well your space.
It's not rocket science and we all know what we should do but we delay the cleaning chore involved in this.

2. Give, sell or just get rid of clothing -and accessories- that:
a) are tearing themselves apart (or just fix those items)
b) don't fit you anymore unless you shrink
c) have really bad quality like those polyester shirt that easily stink (we all know those)
d)you don't use "just because"3. Buy nice boxes to put on top of your wardrobe or inside of it on the highest shelves (you can buy transparent ones if you are keeping them inside)

4. Cover the back of your wardrobe with a nice wallpaper because glamour is in the details

5. Buy new clothes hangers and make sure they all look the same because it gives consistence and the eye likes that:P6. Use those perfumed lavender bags in fabric and hang them or put them inside the drawers. It will add not only a nice perfume but it gives that feminine touch. Although you can perfume your clothing even with bathing soaps inside the drawers.

7. Have a big mirror with a nice frame if possible. Add some lighting on top of the mirror. Make sure you you really see the colours and the details of what you are wearing.

8. Please also make sure there's no furniture next to your wardrobe that prevents the doors from opening completely. It's suppose to be practical and not just pretty.

9. Have some art like a poster or an illustration related to clothing or fashion near the wardrobe zone just so you remember and focus that's the place to keep your clothes, not the top of your floor.

10. If possible have a bench or a nice armchair around to give the closet feeling. You can also use a screen do divide that area from the rest of the bedroom you you have:
a) good natural light
b) enough space

Do you have more tips? Share with me:)

Images from LivingEtc

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