Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I'm usually not excited about a house, not that I'm not excited with houses because I am, but sometimes I feel this urge to live in a place like this small apartment. If I could do some changes in terms of remodeling my actual attic OMG:)

This is a 47m2 Studio. The living room also function as a bedroom and there's just a tall wall nicely decorated with a wallpaper to divide de areas. Storage could be an issue but there's a wall with big shelves, a closet, big kitchen and lots of natural light which always helps to make the rooms feel bigger.
Check the images above.

Would you live in this studio?

More images at alvhem maklare


  1. Que nice, eu viveria sim e com muito gosto!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes!

    That place looks UH-MAZE-ING!!! the wallpaper, the apparent space even though it's small, LOVE!

    Bambola x


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