Friday, 27 November 2009


Oh dear readers...

I'm sick AGAIN and it's my throat infection AGAIN too:/
Luckily it's no so bad like the one I had before and the antibiotic seems to be working by itself this time.

I have so many projects and ideas to this blog but the lack of time is not helping at all.

But just to keep the ones who are more close to me and know more details about what's happening:

1. The internship is going great and though I'm not there full-time and I'm still doing small things it feels really good to be inside a magazine and getting to know how things are done before it's finished, printed and available to the readers:)

2. College is not that great because it's not really something I wanted to do, but we'll see.

This is all for now but I hope to post new finds and interesting stuff in the next days.

Thank you:)***

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