Sunday, 28 February 2010

Granny chic apartment

You may not like the style but this a real home where real people live. Perfect high end houses make me a bit irritated because it seems people are supposed to live inside museums to be stylish or in a visually interesting environment. But the problem lies behind the "visually interesting" part because home is not like an art installation, or it shouldn't be in my opinion (it can be if you're crazy enough, but I can't really understand it to be honest).
Books, books, books! Isn't that bookshelf inside the wall cool?
Normal people have clutter in the kitchen.
I feel that interior design magazines are too focused on the expensive design, unreachable solutions for most of us and even though these images are more about decorating than design it seems to me they are real solutions it terms of real budgets versus budget.

via strange closets

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