Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hand crafted wooden glasses

Glasses are quite fashionable right now and even the ones who don't need them wish they did, so they use frames with acrylic lens. Retro is also the thing and from reading to sun glasses there's tons of models to choose from.

But I believe this is better than any of that! These wooden models are made by Herrlicht, a German company. They use three types of wood: marple, pear and walnut. And in case you are wondering, it seems they are light.
Do you like these? Imagine yourself with a pair? I've seen proces around $1000, but I guess it's a price to pay for great design...

More images and info at Herrlicht.

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  1. They look quite cool actually, very chic and boho :D Thanks for sharing! xxx

    Sarah @


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