Monday, 10 May 2010

Blog Award!

I received my first blog award!:D How exciting! Thank you maisonette! Rules: state 5 random facts about yourself and award 5 other bloggers.

{5 random facts about me}

1. I can't cut or rip pages of my lovely interior design and decoration magazines. They are sacred to me. I love those inspirational boards full of bits and pieces of magazines but I just can't do it.
(The image shows the last number of Living Etc, June,  and you can see part of it here)

2. I love terror films. I love to get scared but when I know I'm not sleeping alone! My favourite one is REC, but the Spanish version. Maybe because I'm Portuguese and there are a lot of similarities between the languages, the film felt realistic and creepy and even today if I think of it... I prefer not to think about it right now... hahaha

3. I love to dance. When you feel the rhythm inside of you and nothing else matters, just you and the music... I'm in heaven. The 80's "Nowhere Fast" from Fire Inc. always makes me jump A LOT:D

4. When I grow up, I'll have a garden. It can be small, but it has to be cosy and big enough to invite friends and have meals outdoor. A big tree would be lovely and maybe a swing for the kids, or not just for the kids:P

5. Candies. I love candies, desserts, cakes and everything related.
Just bought Nigella Lawson's last book and just by looking at the photos of the desserts recipes I started drooling hehehe

{Blog Awardees}
1. Iva - iva y
2. Anna Caroline - designstudio210
3. Dilly Dallas - dilly dallas
4. Summer Allen-Gibson - design is mine
5. Lena Corwin - ~>O<~

That's it. Have a great Tuesday:)

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