Saturday, 20 June 2009


First post. Uhhh scary... I've read many 1st posts and normally bloggers are just trying to find their voice. Hope I'll find mine because it's really sad when people just give up the blog because they just can't tune with it or have any visitors, but that's another story.

Why to start blogging? Recently I've started to be a fan of some blogs I read on a daily basis. They are generally about design, interior design, decoration, some about fashion and a few more personal ones. One thing that is common in most of them is the sense of community that goes along with blogging. I like that, I do find interesting the way bridges are made between people around the world. How they share thoughts, news, products, art, creativity... That's what I want to share: my view of the world. Doesn't mean that what I want to share is interesting, but somehow we all have something appealing to someone, we all have little or bigger parts of us that are original. At least that's what I think.

That's enough for a 1st post:)
If someone accidentally gets here and read this and the blog has its original blogspot layout, please come back later:P

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  1. :)) usually i don`t read so much text at one place in blogs, i prefer photos, but here i read it and i`m definitely not sorry !


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