Sunday, 21 June 2009

Walk on pink

Painted floor yes! Pink floor! How would it be to walk on this? It would have an emotional impact, that's for sure:D Bright pink floor and a yellow door (which I've seen as an "it" deco trend) are good ideas to try. If you're not into the wild interior design try a big pink rug and use small yellow details.

I've painted my bedroom/living room in deep chocolate brown but today I think I would choose a really bright colour. The problem with painting the floor (wood floor) is that you have to be careful when moving furniture around the room (I do that a lot lalala) because you can damage the paint. If you choose a really good paint (more expensive, yes) you'll have less problems but be sure you won't need to stay at the house while it's drying because the quimicals used in these kind of products are really strong and you probably won't handle that well, the smell of it I mean.

Don't be afraid to try;)

(Photo via Marie Claire Maison)

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