Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Deco Dust

Today, while going trough my daily blogs I felt inspired to share one of my life questions. Ok, not quite that but you get the idea. Please meditate on this:

The role of dust into the decoration of our houses.

This post in particular (The English Muse) shows a Paris apartment full of cool details: cushions, chandeliers, lots of little decorative objects, mirrors, books, sculptures... And while enjoying what I was looking at, the dust problem came to my mind.

Well, you should know that my house is an attic with ceiling windows, which means DUST. I have a trauma probably, but again, everybody worries about having a clean house, right?... I though so:P And in case you're wondering, I'm not a cleaning freak, far from that lalalala

It's not easy to compromise between the style/image/concept and the real life necessities. Because you can have all the knick knacks you want and spend years of your life cleaning the dust or... Living with it (allergic readers, this is not an option for you... I guess).

I also read here, on Four Walls and a Roof about photogenic houses and stage shoots. Like I wrote in my comment over there, interior decoration is quite similar to fashion: we see "perfection" in magazines, but to attain that in our real life houses can be quite a challenge:P From now on you'll see expressions like "anorexic bedroom" or "that sofa went under the knife"... Or maybe not:P

And to end this serious meditation I'll leave you with the suggestion of looking at dust as "Deco Dust"! It sounds quite good actually.

What do you think about all this?... Anyone?:P

Cupcakes to everyone:)*

(Photo via English Muse and from Marie Claire Maison)


  1. It`s a little sad to break up with your older blog, don`t you think..:) But fresh start is always good so here am i:P and the painting are with tempera paint. ..i don`t know if it is exactly that word in english :)

  2. Finally, someone understands me! Thank you for this REALLY GOOD idea. Can dust be art????


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