Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Real houses

Sometimes I wish I could control myself not to visit some sites, so I would have tons of things to see for a day:P
The Apartment Therapy Home Tours is a great example of that, but somehow I manage to "forget" it and now... LOTS of inspiring interiors. Yeah baby, that's the way I like it. And somehow Barry White came to my mind ("We got it together didn't we?" is playing on my head right now)... I really need to take the pills on time:P

On the houses again. I just chose some of my favourites, but if you click on each image you'll see the whole tour to each house.
All of them are American houses from California, except the last one which is from New York.

"We got it together didn't we,
We definitely got our thing together don't we baby,
Isn't that nice"...

Oh dear:P

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  1. Oh WOW....i absolutely LOVE that bookshelf in the kitchen, that is different!


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