Friday, 26 June 2009

Hooked on Houses?

I thought I was addicted to houses, now I'm SURE of it:P
Taken from the Hooked On Houses website.

Are you Hooked on Houses? Give yourself a point for each of the following statements that you agree with:

1. If there’s a “For Sale” sign in my neighbour's yard, I can tell you how much they’re asking for their house–and whether it’s worth it. (lalala guilty) - 1

2. I know who Clive Pearse is and love to watch home-improvement television. (bahh no idea) - 0

3. I’ve been known to visit Open Houses and model homes, just for fun. (I go to realstate websites regularly, does that counts?) - 0,5:P

4. When I visit someone’s home, I immediately start looking around to see what changes they’ve made since the last time I was there. (Everybody does that, right?...) - 1

5. I get upset when I see a beautiful old home that looks neglected and unloved, and I fantasize about “rescuing” it. (This is like a disease, just can't help it) - 1

6. If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is buy or build my dream home. (Not the 2st thing but it would be on my top 5 for sure) - 1

7. I’ve been known to check out the local house listings when I’m on vacation to see how much it would cost to live there. (that's part of my realstate ritual:P) - 1

8. If I drive through a pretty neighbourhood, I slow to a crawl so I don’t miss anything. (Well if there's beauty around it would be a sin not look attentively at it I guess) - 1

9. I’m always redecorating my house. It’s never “finished.” (Quite frustrating sometimes) - 1

If you agree with 3 or more of these, then you are definitely hooked on houses.

I had 7,5/9 and you? And you? Share your results:)

(Photos via Zara Home Catalogues I've scanned)

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