Tuesday, 30 June 2009

"I dream of..."

I believe almost every single person has an idea of what a dream house should be. For some the size would be important, for others the location. Aspects like the colours, light, style would probably fall into a second though, like details normally do.
Personally I do dream about houses. Not just my "dream house", but houses in general. I like buildings, apartments, farms... you name it. And all very different from each other. What excites me about creating a house inside my head it's the concept of a life inside of it. (That's one of the reasons I get uneasy when things are just meant to look good and do not work at all:P).
The true inspiration really comes from the details like some flowers in a jar or some kind of windows that transports me to a remodelled (in my head) house where for example, a writer works near that window with a cork board on the wall full of inspirational and colourful paper cuts. Or even a children room, where there's a big rug on the floor with toys and some sparkling silver stars attached to the curtains that produces magical reflections around the room.
In the end it's all about the details. That's what engages me into creating a house from inside out inside my head. That's why I want to be an interior designer I guess. I'm also interested into the construction part of it (breaking walls, plumbing, carpentry) and truly believe that helps because it's not all about beautiful spaces... There's chaos in this process of changing a space which can be very unpleasant.And this "thing" for houses is reinforced by the fact that I like different kinds of styles which together couldn't work. And since it's hard to compromise with one or two, having different houses to test and apply the styles can be really interesting.

What about you? Do you have a dream house or style? Where it should be located?

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  1. I had a dream house: wood, stone.... and... it became true. Do you believe me? Now I`m always thinking of changing things!


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