Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Nordic vibe

Let me start this post by saying that I normally open all my "interior design" pages of my favourites at once. It helps me not to forget interesting content I find but it also makes me aware of the amount of things I should look with more attention (It's easy to get lost).
I told you this because there's one page I always catches my attention. Its a catalogue of a Norwegian store: Tine K Home. Check the website and read the owner's story behind the beginning of the store which I find very interesting and revealing of how little things in life start to define our life path.
You can find the catalogue right here.

"The unique Tine K Home style is an adventurous mix of Asian, French, Scandinavian and Moroccan colours, shapes and surfaces which, despite the big cultural differences, are lifted to the higher level of a remarkably clean and simple style."

(Photos via Tine K Home catalogue)

Do you like it?:)

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  1. omg! about page 108 - I saw it several months ago somewhere on the internet and I saved it because I just fell in love with the desk. I found a pretty similar one, but this photo is so precious to me! thanks for helping me find out where it is from! :)


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