Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Photographer: Mark Burstyn

Mark Burstyn is a Canadian photographer known for his attention to detail (that's what is written on his website and there's no reason to for me to doubt it:P).White and bright kitchens are my thing:P I also think the metal ladder and the painting with the written message behind it are two interesting pieces of this room. Oh but do not forget the ceiling window:DDon't you feel the urge to organize your closet after seeing this photo? The glass shelves add a touch of class and glamour I believe.Wooden stairs. Do I need to say more?These last two images above are the proof of how pink and flowers, or pink flowers if you want add something to a more blah/neutral space. (don't you love glass objects?:D)

(Photos via Mark Burstyn site)


  1. Nice post!
    at least I should buy some tulips!

  2. oh, I love that painting in the kitchen! so pretty :)
    and I do adore the little colourful accents like flowers in a more simple room :)


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