Sunday, 28 June 2009

Rainy dance

As I posted yesterday I was going to dance with friends. There was no alcohol but no need either. Reality was enough:P10 moments of Friday night:

1. Rain through the middle 'till the end of the concert (we left before the end of it)
2. We did lots of trains (dancing in a line, person behind another person, like a train:P / have no idea if this concept exists in English)
3. Dancing while raining (quite cool actually, it felt like we were in a tropical place because it was warm)
4. I have a new personal record: 7 persons inside my attic and you should know that the boys are not small (tendency to headaches - ouch!:P)5. H. found my old CD of "Savage Garden" and suddenly we were all singing with great conviction... yep, we knew the lyrics... Oh shame and nostalgia...
6. We went to a bakery and brought home chocolate croissants:D (that's kind of a ritual)
7. I only have six glasses and used all of them, some for the first time (hey this is important!:P)
8. We had a hot discussion about Cristiano Ronaldo.
9. We had a hot discussion about facebook.
10. H. read us a story about a little duck (I had it on my bookshelf) and we listened like little kids.

It's amazing the things we do when we are in good company. And no, they won't read this:P (In case you do please be nice and polite:D)

PS: Me and A. kept awake until 6am while listening to the thunderstorm:D

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  1. it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I really miss the days when I used to go out with so many friends and have a lot of fun.. Hope to revise this summer :))

    oh, and trains is also what we call them in Bulgaria :)


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