Saturday, 27 June 2009

To dance or not to dance

Tonight it seems I'll have a concert. It's from a popular Portuguese musician. Do you know those parties when people are all dancing together even when don't know who they're dancing with? Well beer and sangria (don't know the word in English, but it's red wine with juice and fruit) always help the shy ones:P

Maybe I'll post a picture of two of the concert.

Do you like to dance? I mean really dance, shaking every single part of the body, not just moving your head:P
I believe there four types of dance:

1. The goofy one (like I'll probably do tonight), where you're not supposed to look good or be specially sexy doing it. It's truly for the sake of doing it.

2. Funny/popular music where you may be singing and acting. Like singing "I will survive". When this happens it seems you're really meaning it, or even doing some kind of choreography.

3. The introspective one. With this I mean you don't really care about what's happening around you. You're just feeling the beat and you're body is moving accordingly. Like there's no one else.

This cateogory have two subtypes:
3.1 The normal dance: move your body normally with eyes closed and you're really into it.

3.2 Similar to the first one but with sluty/sexy moves. In this one you can find a male or a female and insinuate a lot, but I believe it's kind of dancing for yourself and if you catch someone's attention that's just a bonus. (This type have the good taste and the bad taste one version. It's really sad and depressing to see the second one)

Do you agree with me? Do you know more versions of this? Do you dance?:D

(Photo of me, taken by me propably 4 years ago when I had a photoblog)


  1. I love dancing! I used to dance a lot before, but I don't really go out during the semester :)
    I even got a job offer to dance in a bar (like in coyote ugly), but I said no of course! :))
    I enjoy watching So you think you can dance, do you watch it? It's really a lot of fun!

    I was just writing this when I saw you commented on my blog at the same time :) I love how chalkboards look in the interior, but I have always wondered what to do with the chalk dust. As far as I remember from school it is really unpleasant. Magnet board is really more acceptable :) plus you can make some arrangements and decorations on it!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! :)

  2. hahah with this post i officially call this evening- evening of laugh! I`m watching a quite funny tv show and know your post about 4 types of dancing i`m gonna kill myslef with laugh :D
    you absolutely right have got the types of dancing :D :D :D and Sangria is popular with this name. I LOVE to dance and dance with all my heart like i`m mad :D and the portuguese music is soo good! i was there for 10 days and it is the best country for parties. have fuuun :)))) Cheers with e bottle of beer from me! :) :)

  3. :) you are right - it's hard when you don't have a partner. I went to a couple of salsa lessons last year, but as I didn't have a partner I gave up. It was real fun though, great music that makes you want to move!
    You should totally see this show if you are that much into dancing, plus the host is adorable - Cat Deeley, a favorite of mine :)

    You have fun tonight! Can't wait for the pictures :)

  4. by the way i and iva yaneva went together to salsa :D and i continui dancing it a little more :)) And YES it`s an attic window hehe :D what a surprise! i`ve always dreamed about this and before month i came here. it`s such a great apartament that since i came i don`t like to go out :D and it`s very inspiring the atmosphere... i feel so comfortable :)) in portugal i was in Chashcaish and lisboa bun mostly in cashcais:))


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