Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I really would love to have a house with big windows and huge curtains just like these. No fan of the animal rug though.The bed in a mezzanine! This can be a great solution if you have a small space with high ceilings (and money to do the mezzanine lalala, details). And the mattress on the floor? A big yes:)
The tiles are very interesting and the rectangular washbasin on the counter it's definitely something I would have. But what are those chairs doing there? It's just to look? They are to small to someone sits on them while washing the hands.... Oh mystery...
This washbasin seems to be very very cool. But it's somehow weird because we can only see half of it.This is just a good idea. Maybe you could draw a face on the wall you hang the "tomorrow" outfit:P

(Photos via Office for Word and Image and taken by Hendrikx Diane)

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