Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Love the simple and rustic entryway of this house. And the blue doors:DNot sure about this kitchen. It has an industrial vibe and maybe too cold for me. But wouldn't mind to have the upper cabinets.This blue with the coral sheets (and the green door) wouldn't be my first choice but surprisingly I think I would sleep in that room.
I love workshops. Specially when there's mess around. I can't be creative and organized at the same time. And this is the kind of place where we imagine people working right?

(Photos via Office for Word and Image and taken by Hendrikx Diane)


  1. definitely! the working place is perfect for painter.

  2. oh, I love the entryway too! To be honest, the interior isn't really my cup of tea, but I really adore the entryway!
    oh, and thanks for the link yesterday - I spent so much time on that website saying "ooh" and "aw" - so inspiring!


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