Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Packing stress

Like I've mentioned before, I'm going to London Friday morning. I've never even flew before. I guess you can imagine how I am. Though, I could be freaking out more than I am. "Keep it together girl!"I say to myself:D

This is something I really wanted to do, the one week interior design course at KLC. The fact that I'm going alone to London feels like a challenge, a good one that will make me stronger and probably change my life in the sense of knowing who I am and my views of the world. Ok I'll stop because this is not really a diary:P

Thinks I'm thinking:
- please, get me nice bed neighbours (I'm staying in a hostel)
- please plain, don't shake that much:P
- please rain, just go on vacation the next 10 days
- please, I don't want to catch any kind of flu or some airport problems because of it (I have a mask with me but no intention to use it)

And following the rules of luggage limitations is quite a headache. Damn you terrorists for this too!

- Oh and no terrorism OK? Be nice? Like... forever?

(Photo: my latest favourite scarf)


  1. You'll be fine! Really. :) Flying isn't too scary once you get the hang of it. Just stay 90cm away from icky people and you'll be germless. :) Good luck lovely!

  2. p.s. love your scarf. :)

  3. How exciting. I wish you a safe trip :)

    So are you actually attendind the KLC workshop?

    Answer: My idea doesn not involve black butterflies or bats:P hehe. Prior to finding the photo I had an idea of an illusion....the elements are a box, navy hue, cream butterflies :D hhihi. It's a bit of a crazy idea, but I will post it in a day or so.

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

  4. Went on my first flight just a little over a month ago, and I was a bit spooked. But don't worry. The turbulence is really the only thing spooky. But it's normal! Just remember this tip: If the others around you look like there is nothing wrong, then you are fine! heheh!

    Have fun! :)

  5. I first traveled by plane last summer to go to London hehe :) To be honest, I enjoyed the flight more than traveling by car (weird, huh?). When I travel by car I am always worried about the speed, if we're gonna crash into a tree or another car is going to crash at us.. while flying with a plane there aren't these worries and I didn't really feel like we're moving. Plus I spent the whole time looking outside the window and taking pictures of clouds, lol :)

    oh, and two tips - use the subway and don't go to Madame Tussauds - it's just not worth it..

    have fun on your stay, dear! x

  6. lol you are a crazy lady :P

    Wow that is so cool. So you will be experiencing a studio feel. :)) WIsh you tons of luck, inspiration and fun :) Can't wait to hear your story on this.

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

  7. Quando tiveres que voltar, não vais querer;)

    É sempre assim.

    Vê lá, se ficares por lá manda um postal:P



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