Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kitchens and books and quiz answers

My dream shelves are here! Walls covered with books (not organized by colour PLEASE. What? You like when people do that? Oh you just lost some points dear!:P Just kidding)

I wish I could do this to my kitchen. The slope ceiling which is normally a problem has a nice solution and in my opinion it gives character to the kitchen. I would use some colourful accessories and a cool rug just to spice it up:)

(Photos via sköna hem)

Answers to the quiz:
- How much is a quid worth in England? One pound
- Whose picture is found on all banknotes and coins in England? Elizabeth II
- What colour is a one pound coin? Gold
- How many pence does it take to make a pound? 100
- What's the other expression for 50 pence? 50 pee



  1. I just think the little dog is a nice addition too. :P

  2. That first image is heavenly-- I'd love that much book storage complete with a ladder no less! And I like the solution to the slanted ceiling in the kitchen too. Thanks for visiting and commenting on Under A Paper Moon. xx

  3. Awww. Thanks! That's adorable.

    Yes, I do have a cool clock on my blog. I only just realised we had the same. I stole the idea from someone's blog. But I can't remember if it was your's or not. :P Thanks if it was!

    Wednesdayitis? You know how Wednesday is that terrible part of the week where you are kind of nearly half way through it but not quite? It's still 2 and a bit days till the weekend and it feels forever away. I don't know if you do the same thing but over here some of call it hump day. Because it's the hump of the week. Monday and tuesday build up and up and then bam! Wednesday's over and it's nearly the weekend. I like a bit of creative inspiration to get me through. *end rant about wednesday* lol. sorry.

    I do rather adore your color scheme. :) Great job. xox

  4. I have a slope roof in the apartment, which is where i live almost the whole year (during uni). and my kitchen is almost unusefull. sometimes i feel like i`m permanently sloping my neck and head to one side, because of the roof :-D that wouldn`t be that fun for the people outside looking at me :-D lol

  5. Ohhhh my gosh. All the bookshelves in the first picture might have made me drool a little... ha just kidding but it's so amazing! I'm definitely going to make a room like that when I have my own house! Books, books, books!


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