Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Quiz: British pound

Do you know?

- How much is a quid worth in England?
- Whose picture is found on all banknotes and coins in England?
- What colour is a one pound coin?
- How many pence does it take to make a pound?
- What's the other expression for 50 pence?

Answers on the next post:P


  1. erm....have no clue :D

    Btw so are you actually flying over to England? That's so cool. Me being so close, believe it I have actually never been there.
    What are your plans over there?

  2. hah fun, but i have a question for you too! Have you ever seen a Romanian bank-note?
    I suppose you haven`t so you must see them! THE MOST beautiful banknotes ever- not only the drawings and their look, but also the material they`rere made of is amazing.
    And by the way when i hold them i didn`t get the feeling like they are dirty or unpleasent to touch:)

  3. I'll let the Non-UK residence answer these but even I don't know the answer to the last one! Eek!

    You're gonna have to tell me :-o

  4. yup. you found them right! :)) alive they are prettier than that :D


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