Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Eames lounge chair

Some objects are just icons of design and you can see them in lots of houses. Probably not in a middle class home, because design can be really expensive and if we are talking of an icon multiply that for ten, but "design homes" usually use great furniture from different times in history.That's the case of the Eames lounge chair by Ray and Charles Eames, an icon of modern design. This chair was built in the early 50's and if you're wondering about the idea behind the creation, there you have:

“the motivation behind most of the things we’ve done was either that we wanted them ourselves, or we wanted to give them to someone else, and the way to make that practical is to have that gift manufactured… the lounge chair for example, was really done as a present for a friend, Billy Wilder, and has since been reproduced." said Charles Eames.This particular chair is about status, masculinity and it is a object that gets better with age.
You can find lots of information in the book released this year, "The Eames Lounge Chair, An Icon Of Modern Design". This book has many photographs, explanations of the design, documents that show the evolution of the chair and its social context among many interviews that help to understand why this is such an important icon of the 20th century.
You can find the book here at amazon and here at the book depository
Images via BIS Publishers and Daily Icon


  1. My next Chair, please sofi find one of those for meh!

  2. I'll have to look in Area store because I think I saw a copy of this chair there:P Start saving;)*

  3. This is probably the most famous piece of furniture! I remember when we had a lecture about it our teacher told us that every great architect has his chair at home:) By the way, you just reminded me that I started a series about famous design pieces a while ago but I totally forgot about it.. Maybe I should continue it..
    hope you are doing great, dear! xo


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