Thursday, 29 October 2009

Photo idea

Using photography as a decorative focus can work pretty well in a room. Use images taken by you or friends, images you like and with visually interesting. details.
You can have one only theme or different ones in one wall. You can do the same on top of a table with glass on it, in frames and you can even print photos on fabric like pillows, duvet covers or curtains (not that found of the last one).
I have also seen a fabric headboard with a little girl sleeping ans this was in a girl's bed.
The limit is your imagination.
Any suggestions?

Images via domino (click to go to original flickr links)


  1. We can do a photo wall in my room sofi, i've too many photos, i think i can fill all my walls lolol


  2. But do you have printed ones? I really like the ones in your cork board with the white frame. How do you do it? You ask for it when printing?


  3. i loveeee that photo wall... great idea.


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