Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hello Home!

Going trough some of my favourite interior design companies I found one site that was updated with images from press articles on the houses they remodelled. I'm talking about heyhome. I looked trough their pdf files and these two images caught my attention.The first one made think about an area in my house (maybe I'll post a photo later) with a really high wall where I have three wooden shelves. It's in front of the front door and I have under the shelves a white cabinet. That's a boring view even wirth all the interesting (cof cof) clutter I have and looking at this image I'm considering painting that wall in a darker colour since it's an area with lots of natural light.

This last image can be seen as too feminine but if you change the pinks into blues, greys and greens it would feel more as neutral. I HATE the gold bench but everything else is so beautuful I guess I can handle that. The floor is amazing, love the chair and the white cabinet for books, clutter and well... clutter:P I wish I could have this sense of organization...

Do you have any interior design problems you wish to see solved? Share:)

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