Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lazy Thursday

Sexy, lazy mornings... When the time is ticking and each second counts. You feel hypnotized by the warmth of a bed, an arm, a leg or some fleshy lips. Every movement prolongs the feeling of the goodbye you know that will come sooner or later, but please later that sooner... And then the alarm clock rings again and you open your eyes, you sigh and reach for that leg and that warmth for just ten seconds... Just one more minute...

Photo from we heart it


  1. What a wonderful scene for a short movie or photo sequence.

    Tonight i felt the scariest feeling of all time, the moment i tried to reach you and you was not there... thousands of thoughts entered through my mind in warp speed... damn... what a nightmare. but then you showed up and everything turned all right.

    with love *

  2. It's good to know that we are missed, even if it is just for some seconds(while we put some sweet potatoes in the microwave):P

    Miss you*


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