Thursday, 22 October 2009

Feather wallpaper

Remember this wallpaper? If interested or just curious, you can buy it here at souk shop for €63.95. It's washable and light resistant. Oh I want it... Mom?:P"Feather is a dark green (petrol), retro modern wallpaper with a pattern of feathers. Scandinavian nature is where Ferm Living found their inspiration for this wallpaper collection. The collection consists of a range of different wallpapers in new designs each combining graphic lines with natural motifs in their own way. The wallpaper has a wide variety of potential applications and you can get unique effects regardless of whether you put up wallpaper on a single wall, an entire room, or just one length. You can also mount the wallpaper in a frame, on cabinet doors and other kinds of furniture."

Wallpaper info and images from souk shop


  1. aaahh! that wallpaper !! :D

    love it! Love the color and the pattern. Maybe we can make something similar do my room, what u think? I want a painted wall!!!

    Just for the record, love ya.

  2. I'm glad you liked it:)

    Maybe we could do something similar with white vinyl and painting the wall in that blue or... Maybe we could try to find this wallpaper. I've never applied one before but... Or we could paint the wall and then use stencil and just repeat the motif...

    What if we did this just behind your sofa wall? Like a painting? We could also do this in a big mdf board an then we didn't need to convince your mom about painting the walls;)

    let me know if you like ant of these ideas:)

    Oh and by the way I'm totally in love with you*

  3. Damn!!! i wrote a enormous post and i forgot to write the fucking security letters and clicked the back button. :|

    The mdf board is a great idea, but the all is big!! Maybe we can use Mdf only in half the wall or something.

    Love that color!!! really!!

  4. I don't have those security letters, have I?:(

    The mdf board would work better like a big canvas, that's why I though of it behind the sofa:)


  5. Yes you have, when people want to comment they need to enter the security letters, but its good, that way you avoid spam.

    :D *


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