Saturday, 24 October 2009

Night tables

Today, night tables can be whatever you want. From normal and conventional end tables to boxes, piles of magazines or books, or even the floor when you have you mattress in a low height to a chair on a bench. It is accepted that you can be creative and brake the rules of what used to be a convention. But even when we are talking about classic options you can have different solutions depending of the room itself and the style you want your bedroom to have. I saw the next three examples from Mark Lund's website and maybe because I'm having a night table issue to solve, these caught my attention.
This is simple cabinet with great storage and enough space to exhibit special objects. It's a neutral piece of furniture so you could use it in different contexts like a living room or even a bathroom. It'a also good to hide clutter and give a sense of organization.
This one is an open table so you can't really hide clutter, it's really a place to show beautiful objects in an organized way. On the other hand it's lighter than the night table before precisely because it's open and you can see the wall behind it. A good option for small spaces and not that great for messy people (like me):PThis cabinet is from ikea and it's a really simple one, but because it's metal it can seem a bit cold to be used in a bedroom, but as you can see, when placed in a comfortable context is a neutral base for any purpose and it works really well with wood and natural textured fibers.

Brake the rules if you want, because the essential when designing such an important place like your bedroom is how it makes you feel, if it works, if is practical. Pretty is never enough in design, have that in mind.

All photos from Mark Lund's photo portfolio

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