Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fuck me like the whore I am

This poster/mirror is an artwork from Paul Snowden. It seems he saw some posters in Munich just saying that sentence with no context and then he decided to use it for a Nokia instalation, the "Nokia Fashion Lab".
"Wasted German Youth (clothing shop) was asked to participate in an event during the Berlin fashion week 2007. Creative freedom was promised and totally given as well as a budget for an installation and presentation of the brand. My justification for the participation in this somewhat Nokia sponsored corporate event was this A1 poster which hung in Berlin (1st image). There was no further information on the poster, leaving the wording even more open to interpretation.
A simple lack of ideas? Or simply a too good an idea to kill?"

What do you think? Creative, original and provocative or just bad taste?
I like it a lot. It's a strong expression related naturally to sex with an erotic vibe. Not sure about the context where it was used since there's not a lot of information, but from what I investigated there's a fashion shop in Germany with this mirror and if this is immoral for some i t is just an excuse to get in for others.

Info and images from Paul Snowden website


  1. I like that! i like when people say things how they really are and i like when someone talk aboiut sex and about real thing in a real way. My sign is scorpio and maybe that's way i have such a strong feeling about that...:)

  2. i'm not sure if i should comment on this post.

    Like it :D



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