Friday, 18 December 2009

Making of

This is an expensive type to buy, but i like sooooo much! It's the ITC Chino made by Hannes von Döhren and Livius Dietzel. I believe it's interesting to know the creatice process behind design:) Enjoy.
"Our first idea was to create a headline face built up by combining straight lines with brush-stroke elements. How could we create a complete design with this system that would still maintain enough consistency?
Our first round of sketches were limited to just a few letters. These allowed us to easily examine the possibilities of our self-defined brief. "
"As we were filling out the heavy weight, we asked ourselves if the same design principles might also be applicable to a light version. In order to create the largest amount of contrast with our heavy cut, we decided upon a hairline weight; one that would only employ the lightest, seemingly monoline strokes."
"From the completed ITC Chino Regular, we developed a Black and a Light weight. With a MultipleMaster axis, we interpolated the Medium and Bold. These two raw results were then optimized by hand. This way, we could give each weight its own individual details."
"To sit alongside the five upright fonts, we added Italic variants. The characters from the upright files were obliqued, and then optically corrected. Outstroke terminals were added, and the letters a, f, and g — as well as a few others — were replaced with “true Italic” versions."

Images and text from ITC Chino

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