Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hello again*

Hello dear readers:)

It passed more than a month since the last post and I'm sorry for that. A lot as happened academic, professionally and personally which has delayed my attempts to return to an almost daily routine of posting something new.

As I told you a few months ago, I'm doing an internship in an interior design magazine in Portugal and this month I had to work like I've never worked before but I was rewarded with my name in the mag as a collaborator:)
I had the chance to do a 6 page issue about bedrooms all by myself, some shopping for a special issue about the gourmet theme and assist in a photoshoot of a product I chose for the last page of the magazine among many, many other things.
I'm really proud but it was hard, hard work!

After all this work I went to London again and it was an interesting experience to say the least. Very, very different from my first experience there.
I discovered that the National History Museum is my favourite one, that Oxford Street is a nightmare, that you can never trust on trains from the Stanstead Express, that the coffee shop/restaurant "The Gate" in Islington Green (zone 2) serves really tasty English Breakfasts, that Caramel Hot Chocolate is my favourite drink at Starbucks, that Portuguese tube stations are so much better (and new) than the London ones, that a "White" coffee has milk at McDonalds, that you need really good and strong luggage if you're travelling with it around the city, that I don't like milk with tea, that sugar in the Great Britain isn't sweet enough, that if you go with company you almost won't speak in English and finally that I have to go back there to live new things and create new memories.

I also went to a brief stay in Glasgow and Edinburgh so there's not a lot to say about it, but with so much travelling I was introduced to the concept of sleeping in an airport and uncomfortably in plains, feeling the pressure inside your ears and then being a little deaf for days, that the scottish accent can be absolutely impossible to understand, that you should never trust on an ATM machine that tells you have no money in your bank account and that Glasgow is too far away from Edinburgh to do a taxi travel between cities.

In the next two weeks I'll be on college exams so I won't promise any posts, but I'll try.
Thank you for the nice words I hear about the blog and how it's missed:)

Image from Alvhem Makleri

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