Thursday, 28 January 2010


Change is complicated. And so is acceptance. We live our lifes in a rush hoping that our decisions come out the best way and sometimes we are truly whiling to do sacrifices in the name of something we believe, of something that's really worth it.
But we do stumble on our own fears and mistakes and sometimes we just don't know what to do. And in spite of talking things over or just stopping for a moment to think things trough we just act, we move, we react in a need to run away from what's uncomfortable and complicated and most of the times also confusing. And to make it worse our frustrations tend to cover our hearts and hide our real motives and what's important in the big picture.
Is it true that we all have moments where we don't get ourselves, where we just don't understand what's happening inside of us but the problem resides in the way we deal we things.
We can be wrong sometimes, oh so wrong! We hurt people we love, we disrespect the ones that mean the most to us and we say stuff we don't really feel. But after the damages are done there should come the understanding; a moment of pause to figure out the "whys", because if we jump into the next chapter running once again we do not learn our lesson. And the ones who are dealing with the same issues over and over again, probably run away from the answers they could get when living those issues shouting the common "that's just the way I am".

It's not easy to change, not easy to grow or to love. It all seems very simple until we are caught into the emotional web of relationships. It's challenging not having all the answers everytime. But then comes the day where we have to step ahead and recognize that we are complicated and human and that we may need some help and comprehension. But this is just if we do want to change, because we can do the same run and hide cicle and probably get very said and feel very empty in the end of the days.
Being a grown up means we should accept mistakes not as flaws or some kind of vulnerability, on the contrary, recognizing our imperfections makes us all bigger and better and more admirable.
Reaching out to others may mean we have to put our pride on a higher shelf and not focus on it, because if your ego gets in the way there's no acceptance on the horizon, just suffering and frustration. We may be distracted and everything seems OK, but is it? Really?

When you open yourself you discover new worlds, you find new perspectives and feel new feelings but nothing comes if you live as a rock, unmovable, unchangeable and unwilling to love.

Images by me from the Natural History and Science Museum, London

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