Saturday, 30 January 2010

3000 visits!!! =D

Thank you dear readers for the 3000 visits:)
I'm surprised by the fact that even when I don't post anything this blog still gets around 20 visits a day! So awesome!
After my internship is over I believe I'll be able to actually put into practice some of my projects, but 'till then I'll post as frequently as I can.

But now two images from, a company that represents and promote stylists, photographers and illustrators in Sweden.
This one Patric Johansson, photographer. Love the big windows, the light, blues and the pinks. Of course that the mezzanine helps to create the doll house feeling.
Jakob Solgren was the stylist of this kitchen. It caught my attention because of the pink with wallpaper on the left but the black and the metallics match well together the industrial with the feminine look.


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