Monday, 1 February 2010

Homey Feeling

Today I bring to you images from a Swedish house (I'm not sure) and some of its details. As normal in the Scandinavian houses they use white as a base palette and then invest in interesting wall decoration, rugs and sometimes vintage furniture to give a homey feeling.
I LOVE this cabinet. Even though I'm not a big fan of dark wood I open an exception to this one. And the glass door as usual gives to this piece a more distinct look, geat to exhibit books and cool objects. The print on the wall goes well together because it has the tone of the wood.
In this second image we can see the BILLY bookcases from IKEA with books organizes by colour. Not my thing but in that context I guess is ok. My favourite hear is without any doubt the rug. It's interesting and adds so much personality to a room, not to mention a big mirror like this one.
Once again we have another cool rug, a nice chair with the same tones and contemporaneous print. I like the detail of the lamp colour matching the soft purple of the printing, subtle but effective.
Finally there's hear a good option to have art and interesting stuff on the walls. I think owners of houses who rent them and don't let anyone hang nothing on walls could invest in this type of shelves because no more drills were needed and houses could be more personal even if used for a short period of time.

Hope you liked it:)
Images from Skona Hem

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  1. I personally could never do the minimal look but I love these pictures, the traditional red velvet chair looks good against all the modern stuff, and I love that orange box.
    Great post



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