Saturday, 13 February 2010


Bedrooms can be totally tricky because sometimes you don't really know if you want the calm and relaxing type or the vibrant, interesting and "so you" vibe. I do have a problem with white bedrooms but if you choose diferent textures of the same colours you add interest and then it's not boring anymore.
What I like about this bedroom is the bed structure because it's a marriage between architecture and decoration. Not so fan of one side closed by a wall though. And maybe I would've used a bold colour on the art over the bed.
This bedroom, on the contrary, uses bold and saturated colours creating an eclectic mood by the wall art and the pillows. And look how the washed floor in a white tone works so weel balancing the strong grey on the wall. It's simple and it works. And purple is THE colour:)

Images from rumid

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