Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kids Wallpaper

I hate when people try to use in kids rooms just colours and little cartoons. I believe you can make children spaces more interesting than that. This wallpaper is a good example of a great way to encourage kids to focus, pay attention and dream a little bit.
"We make wallpaper for boys’ bedrooms that feels crafted, that’s good quality, that’s thoughtful and has personality. That even has a sense of humour. We make wallpaper where boys’ themes meet grown-up style. Two opposing concepts coming together."

Find it at paperboywallpaper and you can ask for a sample too.


  1. I'm not really into decor or whatever it's called, but I like intelligence, anywhere. This is great. I always say you have to be "infantil" with kids, not "infantilizante".

  2. I am not interior designer but that kids wallpaper looking awesome specially that hand made shadow wall papers. nice images. Thanks for sharing.


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